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Free Standing Lace

By   December 28, 2021

Have you tried the FSL technique with your embroidery machine?

“FREE STANDING LACE” designs are digitized to be stitched on water-soluble stabilizer, to get awesome effects and great looking items.

There are many different types of water-soluble stabilizer available. I actually test all my lace designs on 2 layers of Vilene, a fibrous water-soluble stabilizer.

Because freestanding lace is two-sided, you’ll want your bobbin thread to match your top thread. For items like coaster, which are supposed to lie on the table, I just use for the bobbin the main colour of the design, to save some time!

When your design is completely stitched, trim the excess stabilizer away and soak the project in warm water, wich will wash away the stabilizer.
Blot dry with a towel, and then allow to dry. Sometimes I use hair dryer to save time. In the end, you may want to gently press it with an iron, with the design right side down, but it’s not always necessary… and now you’re done!

Try my designs and have lot’s of fun 🙂